We offer a range of Automotive Yokes in the market. Our range of Automotive Yokes includes Flange Yoke and Tube Yoke. These Automotive Yokes are made of high quality C. I. Casting and Steel Forgings ensuring their superior strength and tolerance. The Automotive Yokes are used as fasteners in various types of automobiles. They are available in different specifications as per the demand of the clients.

Flange Yoke


We manufacture and supply Flange Yokes of different types including 1210, 1310, 1410, 1259 Series and from 1710 series 1279, 749, 779, etc. We supply various other types of Flange Yokes manufactured from C. I. Casting and Steel Forgings as per customer’s requirement. The Flange yokes are used for Heavy Duty Vehicles and Trucks Drive Shaft assembly (Ashok Layland, TATA Motors).

Tube Yoke